For A Man For To Weep

In private have you ever wept silent tears
When in memory you went back the decades of years
And the lost opportunities that you now rue
Like 'tis said about dreams they do seldom come true.

The man in you tells you for tears there's no place
And in public you feign a big smile on your face
You cannot let others know you're feeling down
Who wants to be known as the wuss of the town.

In maudlin times the privacy of your room you do seek
For a man to shed tears it is seen to be weak
Though in public your feelings you keep under control
For a man for to weep 'tis cleansing for the soul.

For a man for to weep other men see as wrong
They only can see weakness in what is strong
As boys than girls we indulged in far rougher play
Our role models inspired us to be that way.

Depression engulfs you your moods are all black
And in public you struggle to fight your tears back
The men to the boy remain in the man
Till the Reaper at last terminates his life span.

by Francis Duggan

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