For A Religious Person

For a religious person who prays to your god
Going by some of the things you say it does seem a bit odd
And quite hypocritical since in your words you put down
The poorest of the poor in the poor side of the town

For a religious person you lack in empathy
Since for those doing it tough you do not feel sympathy
You waste your time in going to church to pray
Since you are not being true to your god on some of the things you do say

You are one of those who do lend your voice
To those who believe poverty is by choice
So little of humanity's ways you seem of to know
Though you profess for to have the inner glow

You work for good pay and drive in a big car
But holy in name is all that you are
A truly devout person would help those doing it tough
And feel empathy for the homeless and those living rough

You may go to church to your god for to pray
But by their words you know people the wise one does say
And you in your words do like putting down
The poor and the homeless in the poor side of the town.

by Francis Duggan

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