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For A So Called Devout Person
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For A So Called Devout Person

Poem By Francis Duggan

In his local religious community a leading role he does play
And with his wife and children in his house of worship he does pray
But of those of different religious beliefs he does not have nice things to say
Dismisses them as failed people as those who in life have lost their way

Those who do not share his religious beliefs he looks upon as odd
And he does not speak to his next door neighbour since he does not believe in a god
Says he is a sinful person a god forsaken never do well
And like every other atheist he is doomed to burn in hell

For a so called devout person in his ways he does seem small
He does seem rather judgemental not a nice person at all
Since he looks for the worst in others his own weaknesses he cannot see
He is not the marvelous person he makes himself out to be

Of a fair go to those different in his words he does deny
But judge not and thou shalt not be judged to him too does apply
Compassion and empathy do not have religions they are products of the mind
And those who do possess them they are generous and kind.

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