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For Air Hungry On Mars

Events cast shadow before they come in flesh and blood-
Future's staff general chief prognosticated allotted dead end-
One other routine chain- effect in line I was standing for Bread,
Bianca and Bella announced a thinner than Air cookie's new Brand-
Diet model skeletons intoned gaseous stars,
The sellers of Air- two loaves and a pound of Oxygen -Ozone Cream Layer
Cried out the One in the Line-The Eye
A Shadow Replica of the line of the Hungry for Air on Mars saw I:
Hungry I was on MARS for the air- in line to buy-'wait, your turn',
Then to breath- an intake delay then to die-
Died each of them -me in the line -
3-minute -
The Air Depleted
- Survival in bunker bought well in advance,
Tasted the poison, looked at my own-one of my selves;
Was standing in line -the Air to buy-
then to breath, then Only Asphyxia Straits Dire
In So Simple the Action to Die
Not Us -All of Them were
Hungry for AIR ON MARS...

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i've stopped reading. ; (