BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'For All He Suffered And Died'

He died on the cross for our sins
It should have been we who died instead…

The people spat upon him they mocked him
And called him name
They laughed and mistreated him
With schemes to further degrade him
With all of their evil games…

Yes for all He suffered a long and horrible death
He was buried in a cave, and three days later he arose
The stone was rolled away…

When the people saw that He was no longer dead
They just could not believe, what had happened that day…

Oh Father: “ had I been there with you,
I surely would have died” for it would be more than
I could bare to see you crucified…

You who had not committed one single sin
Yet you did not call heavens
Angels to rescue you that sad and lonely day…

Oh Father: “how much it must Have hurt Mary your mother
To see her son tortured again and again”…

Thank you for that ultimate sacrifice for all
Thank you Lord that upon your name
We your heirs can freely call…

Thank you for dying for all in our place
For we are filled with such sin
Thank you Lord for forgiving us
over and over again…
© Copyright 2005 Becky LaPrarie

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