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For All It Is Worth Here I Am…
SC ( / Lusaka, Zambia)

For All It Is Worth Here I Am…

Poem By Shivangi Chaturvedi

For all it is worth here I am…

I am brown, with beads of black.
I am beautiful, fragrant with anticipation.
I am able, aburst with desire.
I am everything a brown woman should be and is;
A mother, a sister, a lover, a child,
A woman.. Sometimes a girl.
I am brown because it does not define me but I define it.
I am soft and cherished, loud and impressive, impassioned and heard.
I am a brown woman, underneath a Burkha, in a mini-skirt.
What I am is what I believe, not what the world sees.
With an accent, with a demure smile.
I am brown whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim.
I am stunning with green, black and almond eyes;
Pools of life, be it desire, be it purity, be it strength.
I am.. And will remain.. Everything I choose to be

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Comments (3)

This is a very solid and truthful poem. I like it. Anjana
The World around us is silently moving to peace. We have to contribute The poet is really fight for own way. Wish you for new word order, Here one God and one World sincerely thampi thamp55@yahoo.co.uk
I realy like your poem! !