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For All Of Us Life's Journey End

For all of us life's journey end in a dark hole in the ground
Or your last remains cremated and your ashes spread upon your favorite ground
Whatever you achieve in life for you there is an end
Those known to be great are mere mortals why otherwise pretend

The longest lived human life in time is not that long a span
On average a few more years for a woman than it is for a man
A minority of human beings live for ninety years or more
The Reaper of lives enters your home without knocking on your door

Does the soul live when the body dies is not for me to say
Many do believe in a paradise they call heaven far away
Millions of miles from Planet Earth somewhere beyond the sky
Where good humans souls post bodily death with wings to do fly

I am not a religious sort of a man to a god i do not pray
Only know for everyone of us there is a last night and day
I only believe in Nature she is the only god to me
And everywhere i turn to look her beauty i do see.

by Francis Duggan

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