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For All Of Us There Is A Last December

For all of us there is a last December and for all of us there is a final Spring
But life as usual will go on without us and at their nesting time the birds will chirp and sing
And grass will grow and flowers will bloom as usual and there will be pink blossoms on the fruit bearing trees
In early Spring with weather getting warmer and the chill of winter is not in the breeze
We are mere mortals Nature lives forever the one with the power new life for to create
The longest human life in time is not long and life's Reaper is the one to seal our fate
The billionaires no different to the paupers we are mere mortals death is for us all
Eventually death it does make us equal to the lower life forms that wriggle and crawl
It does not seem that long since i was a young man in the vibrant bloom of my life's prime
But since then there has been a lot of Seasons for that is going back forty years in time
The Reaper can claim our life's breath without warning on how long we live we do not have a say
Our biological clocks as ever keep on ticking the very seconds of our lives away
For all of us there is a last December what is for you will also be for me
Since we are born to life to live as mortals and death is for us all eventually.

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