For All Past Loves…

This one is for all past loves
For the fates that were never meant to be fulfilled
For the broken pieces of clouds that could never perform rain
A sought union of petals that never made a flower that lasted more than a spring
A mouthful of laughters and tears got an early break
Promises keeping company on all the voyages
Breaking into impromptu disappointments
And that walk that took me away

This must be all part of the play
Directed from above
Someone’s picking me and putting me into different scenes
Making me part of the stories, some best forgotten
Some waiting to be forgotten by me
Never giving up, a hopeless romantic
Best friends with misery
Frowned at by the man in the mirror
Always asking what are you looking for?
I don’t know, I never knew and would never know
Till the flame has left the candle standing alone drained.

-A wreath of words or a salvation seeker’s plea…



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