For All People


Be kind to the unkind
the sun shines on us all
seek my face upon yours
from this morning onward

Sing the tune of the heart
both eyes and ears a pair
let hearts and minds compare
you then will understand

We all suffer and howl
walking with colours shed
crying in varied keys
so long for coming peace

We push and shove against
hurling stones onto bones
tired of having to grow
through mistakes of knowing

Causes are blinding all
be you there to despair
each night returns in sleep
each day for all to keep


by Frederick Kesner

Comments (3)

seek my face upon yours from this morning onward Ooooh yes, lets be kind to each other - if the inner lizard lets us. Thanks for that Frederick.
The hauntingly beautiful, 'For All People'should be written in stone and placed on high, Love Duncan
although i didn't understand this poem at first read when i went through it again i realised that it has a sincere meaning and touches on truth....i really liked it Thanks