Like a shadow
I follow the movements
that I must follow
I go where
the host takes me
I wander and wander
through this bright earth
When I sleep
My body escapes
this world
and goes to another dimension
sucked through a wormhole
I appear on this island
The island is perfect
The island is beautiful
The trees stand into the clouds
The people lay out on the beach
Smiles across everyone's face
'How about paradise everyday? '
'Eh...that's what my dreams are for.'

by Theorem The Truth Serum

Comments (3)

seek my face upon yours from this morning onward Ooooh yes, lets be kind to each other - if the inner lizard lets us. Thanks for that Frederick.
The hauntingly beautiful, 'For All People'should be written in stone and placed on high, Love Duncan
although i didn't understand this poem at first read when i went through it again i realised that it has a sincere meaning and touches on truth....i really liked it Thanks