For All That Lies Behind The Words

For all that lies behind the words.
Words of comfort to the sorrying heart.
Words of cheer ringing in the ears.
Words of anger troubling the soul.
Words of praise for work well done.
Words without sound when hearts are broken.
Words are thoughts, come from the heart.
Words that move the spirit to action.
Words should have meaning to the ears.
Words must stir up the emotions.
Strike a cord from inside.
Make you angry, want to kill.
Make you sad, want to cry.
But most of all make you happy
Giving you a loving nature
This is the kind of poetry that is worthwhile
Words that lead you to laughter, sorrow, tears.
Words to cherish, put to memory.
For all that lies behind the words
I must confess a labor of love

by Angelo Tassone

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