For All The Days Your Gone

Water can no longer quench your thirst,
Your hunger can no longer be fed.
People can no longer see you,
Your sleepiness can no longer be slept.

Conversation can no longer be made,
Your happiness can no longer be seen.
We can no longer be around you,
Your skin ever changing with ease.

No one can see your beautiful face,
As your body’s slowly losing life.
For now I can no longer see you,
Now the life you once had is gone.

Wishes and prayers are no longer made,
That rope has sealed the deal.
The dance with the devil is a dance you know,
You know if far to well.

The crimson red you never spilled,
There was no mess to clean.
But the mess in our hearts has left a wound,
A wound that can not heal.
A wound that will not bleed.
A wound that will no feel.
A wound we can not see.

The wound is there and it grows every day,
For the loss of you in this horrible way.
This has affected everyone you know,
In every way you can think.

Some have gone into depression,
Some have moved away.
For me it went from sadness to guilt,
But I see what I've really gotten.
I've gotten a new out look on life,
A new life with new meaning carried out each day.

I will take everything I loved about you,
and wished that I could be,
and turn it into reality
to try and make a better me

by sarah ritchie

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Sarah- very emotional and nicely written. a ten for me. -shannon
welcome aboard................