For All The Good Things

Observing an inflicted self destruction,
Of those who destroyed with intent...
Family members and friendships,
With deceptions done relentlessly.
And evil deeds meant with them to leave.
Isn't as fulfilling as one witnessing,
Thought provoking observations...
Of this would be.
To see those with wicked minds,
Slowly drift from them effortlessly.
To have their craze exposed.

And others who stood by to defend them,
Disbelieving the evidence of their evilness...
Dare to speak of them,
With voices of empathy protecting their 'integrity'.
When more appropriate would be a eulogy.
Spoken with truth without apology.

As we gather here today to say,
Something for all the good things done...
But were not,
By those who had lied and tried to hide it.
Let us, instead, take this time to remember,
The attempts by those who had been prevented...
To do good things others resented.
And hope in due time,
All of us find what God has done to consent...
By the taking away the minds from those,
Not using them...
To allow us to come to our own senses.
With it revealed to heal us all to understand,
Those disguising to be in their right minds...
Never were.
Or ever will be.'

~What a moving eulogy.
And for those of us still alive to hear it.
With it to be known,
For all the good things undone...
We can and still have time to do.~


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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