For All The Wrong Reasons

We are here...
To shed this awareness,
And receive and accept another.
In steps.
Just as lessons are taught and learned.
And not meant forever to be kept...
As secrets unshared and stored until they rust.
They must be passed on!
Like we do.

Anyone believing this reality has no finality...
Find themselves saddled in sadness,
And glued to dilemmas.
To become their own designated opponent.
Nothing pleases!
And they sit and dissect in doubt.
Trying to maintain a control,
That seals and locks them within...
A senseless nonsense blocked and protected.

This can not be sustained.
A happiness that could exist,
Diminishes until it becomes unrecognized.
Illnesses and sickness become discussed,
As if they were friends to share!
Baring similar affects that keep them ineffective.
And a must to have for those who dare to live!

Leaving those in debate awakening too late...
To shake themselves free of this treason.
With an understanding,
As if a bright light shines upon them...
They have lived this life,
For all the wrong reasons!
To become reflective,
Of those seasons with many moons missed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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