For All Who Have Heard

The preaching of The Word is directed to all people who have heard,
And everyone will be accountable who have been under God's Word.
If you're like Jeremiah friend, in your heart a fire will be stirred,
And not content as you were, a new life of holiness will be spurred.

In my flesh I am weak, but in The Spirit through Jesus I am strong,
And it is His will I must seek, for it is to Him alone that I belong.
If I am not seeking God's will in my life there is something wrong,
For when I died to Jesus Christ, He placed in my heart a new song.

A sinful life is like a flower, as all shall one day fade and wilt,
But you can have a new life, cleansed of all your sin and guilt.
New life is through Jesus Christ, for you and I His blood was spilt.
And Jesus Christ is the very foundation on which The Church is built.

The very reason we were washed in His Blood sometimes goes ignored,
With His Blood He inscribed on every believer, Holiness to The Lord.
So the next time you think that living holy is too much to be endured,
Remember that on the cross, it was His Blood for you that was poured.

The path is the same, pure and narrow, for all who confess His name,
And on this new path, believers must turn away from sin and shame.
For on the cross Jesus defeated Satan and death's sting He overcame,
He rose again to life eternal, which is the victory we must proclaim.

by Bob Gotti

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