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For Americsa
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For Americsa

we have here a ritual
habits form in my ears
following sentance and laced wet with fear

all to cannibal
coil retracts to give
miricles come and gone
ovulate empathy

on this cutting floor
these ocean hearts are begining to shore

what iz left but more
more of the mockery
more of the war

to america
her verbal blessing is akin to a score
and a settlement
poverties guessing the ruin of the went
i am comatose
verbatum sludge in the darkest of motes
what a fuel to waste
hope dosn't float on a fluid erased
so we subterfuge
sub-analize the existince of true

i've gone beyond the pier
no turning back in the deep scarlet fear
of regretfullness
no sooner given than my heart is blessed
with forgivness

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