For An Anger That Comes To Visit

Most of them have no discipline at all.
Nor have they had a patriotic thought.
Not within those of shallow conciousness.
Or expressed a patriotic deed...
Disconnected from materialistic needs.
Their mouths have been open to be fed.
And they have only known to feed their greed.

So it should come as no surprise,
They do not understand...
The bitterness that lies,
Under the surface of someone...
Who finds it difficult to close their eyes,
And can not forget losing a love one
To war, pain or suffering.
Or a day they awaken with those feelings met.
Or participate in needless conflicts.
Ones long gone...
But their minds can not forget.

And to endure these constant images...
Coming when they please,
To haunt.
While watching others sit back...
Undaunted as they flaunt their trivial existences.
And not have a care connected to this,
At all!
I can say,
I've lived through it.
That's why I can be appalled,
Without a need to apologize to anyone...
For an anger that comes to visit!
And dedicated to my memories.

I can say,
I've lived through it.
Sometimes in masquerade.
And doing that quite well.
As I thank God everyday,
I have no traits of Godzilla!
Or any other destructive being,
Real or imagined...
To chase away those in fear screaming,
From something horrific that they've seen.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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