For An Old Man

Why do I prefer to be direct, blatant in my remarks...
And honest?
It is fun for me to observe those deceitful,
To find something I do to undermine.
And when they can not find anything embarrassing...
Since I do that myself with glee anyway,
I love to hear the fresh rumors they create.
They are more innovative than the ones I start,
On myself.
Just to see which ones,
Keep those tongues wagging.

Very few people know,
I am devoted to writing.
With a life that would bore
Roosters in cock fight to sleep!
I exaggerate.
I do live a life that is quiet.
And I admit I do get excited when I hear,
About that 'wild' life I'm living.

It makes me smile when I realize...
For an old age.
According to my great nieces...
('Gee Uncle Larry! You're 62? ? ? WOW')

Although not in appearance!
~the older the berry,
the sweeter the juice...remembered~(LOL)
With gossipers I use to keep me popular!
If they only knew,
How clever my rumors are!
And I have to spread at least one a month,
On myself.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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