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For Anne

I knew her by her name and email address only and little else of her i seem to know
Yet through her poems i feel i know her better and her stature as a poetess only grow
She came into my life for a brief while only and people to my life just come and go
And i have met and farewelled many people since i left where the Finnow waters flow.

Compared to her in me there is much darkness her soul is full of goodness and of light
She is a decent and god fearing person and she lives by the moral book of right
I lost god when i was a little fellow a christian nun she beat him out of me
Suppose my god back then thought me unworthy and not entitled to his sympathy.

We are from different world's that is obvious and we look at life through very different eyes
Her soul is full of goodness and of sunshine of singing birds and fair hued butterflies
Compared to her's my soul is clouded over like moonless sky on a bleak winter's night
Without god on your side life is much harder and for survival it's an uphill fight.

I knew her by her name and email only and her i never did meet face to face
But i know that she is a decent person a credit to her kin and to her race
Her emails to me i found quite inspiring and for a while she had me walking tall
And her words of kindness will not be forgotten and she is one i always will recall.

by Francis Duggan

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