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For Annie Lennox
PSH ( / Galloway, SW SCOTLAND UK)

For Annie Lennox

Poem By Patrick Scott Hogg

O Annie, come hold me
Come boldly and swiftly
Force like the wind
Unbroken and sweet.

You icon of glory
Your name is untainted
No one can take from you
All that you've done.

Driving intuitive, pushing half blindly
Creative talents in synergy burst
No clear goal, nor steadfast agenda
Exhiliration on the crest of a wave.

Older and wiser you woo us eternal
Spirit of love strumming its angst
Angel of pain, angel of pleasure:
Dark is the world
Where the blood of youth runs.

Now you have lines upon your face........
The depth of your spirit
Integrity of lyric
Your art
Is more beautiful now
Than the famous icon of pop

Idealists break on life's shore
Again and again
And rise from the rubble and chaos
'When tomorrow comes'................

Thank you for the pleasure you give....

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