Of Divine Fact

How someone can turn cruel
When everything goes superbly well
The men and women are perfectly tuned
The environment is suited and harmonized

How can heart direct person to go in rage?
Destruct property and go on rampage
Kill the innocents and die in turn
What message did it give for desires to burn?

We know and avoid the wrong references
Each religion has something good to live with perfect chance
Let someone say with sincerity
Why have we divided almighty?

If what we concentrate on
If what we pray and go on
There shall not be any difference
We have no right to create an offense

In morning, I hear churches call
The temples bell ring and remind night's fall
The mosque's early call gives us pretty stunning effect
We all realize about the presence of divine fact

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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My tantalised spirit here blandly reposes..I liked it.
The most dynamic of Poe's myriad of literary largess is his ability to send shivers down your spine with his horror/darkside verse...and then turn that shiver to tinglings as you read one of his many romantic works ~FjR~
........my favourite stanzas ~She tenderly kissed me, She fondly caressed, And then I fell gently To sleep on her breast- Deeply to sleep From the heaven of her breast. When the light was extinguished, She covered me warm, And she prayed to the angels To keep me from harm- To the queen of the angels To shield me from harm.
man that's beautiful
This is one of my favorite poems. Edgar Allan Poe is a very exellent poet..