For Any Country

For any Country i am one who would not die
If i did tell you differently this would be a lie
Of patriotic attachments i am one who is free
The heroes are never the people like me
By many we are told the good do die young
And the praises of dead war heroes by the patriots are sung
But at the war memorial after the war parade
The dead do not hear when The Last Post is played
That life is about living truer words never said
The fearful are living and the fearless are dead
The true patriot in war he died young and brave
But he cannot help his Country from the depths of the grave
The one with fear of death and love of life will live out his time span
And die in peace as a very old man.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

Very nice poem, but the parents of the dead soldiers will probably be very sad, once they read this poem. You're probably right. We have a saying in French: les morts ont tort. (The dead are wrong) .