For Anyone Anticipating To Be Convinced

There is nothing about this train that moves backward.
When the conductor announced, 'All Aboard'...
That was not a question.
That was not a wish for anyone to make a decision.
That was a statement made with no debate.

If someone hesitated hoping to occupy a seat...
They will be greeted with a vacancy complete with space.
Leaving them with an isolated emptiness.
The affect of seriousness has taken place!

And plans delayed are plans too late,
For anyone thinking the trip they wish to take...
Will be shared with others confused,
About which direction is a forward movement...
One should have observed and kept up the pace.

Plans delayed are plans too late,
For anyone anticipating to be convinced...
And motivated.
To realize and experience,
The importance of their lives!

Those that have made up their minds to do this...
Are already enjoying fresh new scenes.
Without issues to unpack from old baggage carried.
Or reflective thoughts about who might have been left behind!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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