For Arielle

Ebon Amazonian goddess
Grace me once again
Your face so strong, your hands so slender
Your build so very thin
Beauty in concealment, covered in degrading mask
Longing to close your candy, to put away your flask
Gone soon will be the toxins, that hold your life in sway
Gone will be the concealer, shielding your pain from the day
Snake-faced matriarch, how the venom burns, not but without but within as well,
Instituting minorial hell along the street the church bells toll,
The darkening pit to steal your soul
Knowest this, ebon goddess, you are not alone,
Your kin doth imprison thee, but they are not your home
Knowest well, ebon goddess, heed fine unto this
Your mask will fade, again the shade
Altered by our kiss
Warm embrace, to see your face
Alight and not forlorn
No fathered grace nor maternal love is needed with me, my lonesome dove
This piteous angel fall’n from grace, entwined in this, the earth’s embrace.
Forevermore cast’d out, verily do seraphim calleth out forevermore
Instead shall thou interpose, this I offer my darkest rose.
Garden of darkest delight, sepia flowers in nocturnal bloom, see only its beauty, none of its gloom.

by Andrew Raines

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