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For Arwen (Ps Thx Sylvia)

A sound bite, clapping to live bands
Beat from the heart, and tune-felt,
Gilded and fissured. An unnonsense
Touchdown on the slowmode road.
The fine print that breaks the main rule,
Drawing apart any falsehood.
Dreamt of from Bournemouth, the source
Of the Nile to Botany Bay,
Improviser, my unbreakable oath.

Hailed as main cog and looked up like braille.
Arriving as if you were mailed here
Spent, stacked on a mattress from sunrise to dawn.
Loved as a drug and enthroned
On a mat, the pick of the hugs.
A feeler of feels, uncrippled.
Sunny as a flexible beam.
Bright, like a trillion tonne sun.
Your own fate, with a bit of mine tacked on.

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