For At Least Two Or Three Weeks A Month

I feel there is nothing upsetting.
Nothing at all...
With those devoted to self love.
And committed to pretentions.
I find people like that,
To be great conversationalists.
Even if they do it...
With every chance to talk about themselves.
I find nothing wrong with that at all.

And when such social affairs are over,
So blessed I feel...
Not to live under the same roof,
With anyone like that...
I could not avoid to escape,
If I chose to move from room to room.
Just the thought of them being that close,
Would make me always find excuses to leave...
For at least two or three weeks a month to rejuvenate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

I really enjoyed this poem! It resonates with similar feelings of mine at social gatherings. I love to be an audience for those people who love to talk, but I always need to escape after a while to reflect and have some peace. Once again, lovely poem!