For Ate Sette Speech

Time is not enough to show how much I’m thankful that God gave you to me
It’s a wonderful gift that I don’t wanna let go even in a single moment
It’s in your love that my heart only trust
And it is only in your arms that made me feel secured enough

All this time I never dream that this day will come true
A never ending fairy tale that every woman envy too
I have a prince that would guide me through and through
And I will cherish for a lifetime until forever is through

This is our fairy tale that finally comes true
And I thank God that He never fails to surprise me more
This is our biggest day
This is the truth
This is us
Saying our vows and promises
To the altar and the Above

This is our story
This is our love
Hope to be remembered and to be true in our hearts
I will be you
And you will be me until eternity

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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