For Ate Sette

For a dear friend that I have learned to care about
Here’s a simple poem that I hope could warmth your heart.
Before you take your vows and make some promises to the altar
I hope this will serve as a simple remembrance of you being single

Love will bring you in different roads
It may sometimes be easy but most of the times are hard to bear
Now you will learn that life is not as easy as when you’re single

When you’re single go for your dream man
Impressed him as if he will not accept you for who you are
Be mad even if he’s not wrong
And do crazy things when you’re in-love

But now life will turn differently
Patience and love must always meet
Every weakness of each other should be conquer by your strength
And trust must be stronger and faith must be powerful than anything else.

You will learn to love more your better half but don’t forget to love yourself even more
Coz’ you can’t love completely if you don’t love yourself
It is in your hands to make the bond even stronger
It is in your will to make it all happen

Be beautiful always inside and out for your better half will not even think of finding another love
Physical appearance is important for any guy to see for the first time but beauty in the inside will make a man stay forever in your side

Learn not to cry for little things
Learn how to be patient and sincere
Learn to enjoy each moment as if it was the last
Coz you will soon forget when it starts

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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