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For Being There
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

For Being There

I'll write you this poem for being there
For being a person to message me, a person to care
Thanks for actually talking to me
It's always nice to see
That you've got a new message
That someone cares, someone looked in the cage
I guess thanks for letting me talk to you
Because it means a lot when someone will listen too
It's easy to feel alone in this world, but with friends like you I don't
With people like you around trials make me want to give up but i wont
There's no real lone wolves out there, you're part of my pack
Because I know you got my back
Thanks for that, these words won't do
But i guess that's all i can give to you
For now anyways
I hope our friendship always stays
I know that my gratefulness for you being there
Will because this isn't the relationship you just tear
So I guess I'll stop guessing
Thanks for being there, o yeah and thanks for loving God

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Beautiful lines...thanks for sharing