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For Blue Horizons Bound
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

For Blue Horizons Bound

Poem By David Lacey

Angels fallen in dust unsettled,
Scattered limpid flaked wings in their wake.
All it is your birds are calling for they say,
One more song to sing, one more dream from which to shake.

Into the town of our bearer we stride, head strong,
Flashing our feathers in pride.
Never to stop. To think from what horrors we hide
As we contemplate existence on the slip slid.

Trying to regain your footing, balance comes at a price.
As we slice the webbing of our capture, we hear her calling,
Falling, stalling on the verge of going over,
Never knowing if the one she calls lover will await her
Return if she leaves to sail upon the leaf of another.

For blue horizons bound,
The child is lost unsound,
As petals frozen mid flight
Will never touch the ground.

Trying to straighten out the boundaries of solitude
We run a risk of feeding an attitude
That will isolate us in stagnation,
Saturating infatuation as temptation is hung, drawn,
Quartered before our eyes, as we sigh.

Not for the tears of his blood begotten chest
But for the realization that it comes as no surprise
To see emotion in anguish. To see love in temptation
As the children cry to see their best loved friend
Wave goodbye wondering if he'll see them soon throned
Within the palace of the sky.

That we're seeking calmer skies
In this I can abide.

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