For Can I Play With Madness,

Can I play with madness….

Locked up, and knocked up,

Beaten down,

A slave to the clock,

Feeling like I'm 6ft underground,

Am I to blind to see?

What is happening to me?

The workload gets on top.

I scream, and tell it to stop,

My god! I have to break free! ! !

The management, just enforce these laws,

That bug the hell out of me,

These screams in my mind,

A hollow grave they will find,

With no support from the top,

Will this madness ever stop! ! !

We all know what's best,

But no-one listens, so **** the rest,

I try to lead, to grab these tattered reins,

But no-one listens,

So everything is the same,

I don't need a key to unlock this door,

I'm gonna break down these walls,

And smash out of this mad place,

For 'Can I Play with madness'? ?

Not for long, at this rate…

Me Myself and I

by Me, Myself and I

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i like this poem...for can i play with madness? ! ...breaking walls
Thought provoking, madness sometimes overcome our sanity..... its human though!
Far too preachy...lacks substance.A true storyline....I see you are still obsessed with employing commas at a pandemic rate.....Find a library and allot yourself some quality time to Read your Contemporary Poets, PLEASE! What you are writing here is nothing but rant and as far as literary quality is concerned is anemic of every basic principle of even mediocre verse...My suggestion is that instead of using your spare time to play I.P. Stat games, that you use that time to diligently learn how to pen meritable poetry....unless you honestly feel that you have no desire to improve on your current quality of creative writing...The choice is yours and my comments are not meant to chastize or impune your work....The stat scamming is entirely another issue which I find foolish and self-impuning....~FjR~
madness is a peak when looses light
Ah, the work world. Insane. More so than ever before. I like these lines, ...I try to lead, to grab these tattered reins, But no-one listens, So everything is the same, ... Sounds a little like extended family life too, lol.
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