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(for Dónall) Gifts
(21st November 1945 / UK)

(for Dónall) Gifts

Poem By Janice Windle

You give me
poems speaking truths,
living pictures
that dance for me;
so I can hear you singing
in the voices of old men
with the passion of youth
with the sadness of age.

You give me your past:
a curly headed child
frowning, dazzled by
glare from a far-off sun;
a lithe man,
caught in a lens
held by someone
who loved you when
I was far away in time and place.

You give me your words;
you touch me, touch me, touch me,
all of me, as you warned,
as you promised.

The candle of your love warms me
and I'm not consumed.
For you hold my new life,
that I give to you,
fragile as a moth,
in your devout hands.

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Comments (10)

I particularly love the last stanza and your use of simile....you hold my new life that I give to you, fragile as a moth in your devout hands. Great line in a fine poem. Exquisite!
What a beautiful poem and so very loving.....splendid! Ruthie
Hello lady.. I am happy that you 'made' me read this work.. It is very very good. You are one of the few that have capture the spirit and soul of poetry and make it work for you. thank you
a beautiful love poem thanks giving...sincerity honesty and mutual understanding make autumn love life glorious...10
shades of a maturity here...new phase, new life...goes to show how strong you are