Poem Hunter
(21st November 1945 / UK)


Poem By Martin Harrison

It was one of those nights when clouds hid the moon,
when you said, 'Come to bed, love, ' and I answered, 'Soon...'
as I opened the windows on Facebook and Myspace
and started to blog, and our love was in second place
as you called to me, honey-sweet words, soft and low,
I was virtually off with the fairies, you know,
writing a poem about how we met,
how we live, how we love, to the whole Internet.
'Come to me, come to bed, ' you implored me so sadly,
'I love you, I need you tonight very badly...'
'Okay, just a minute.' I'd emails to check, too.
I answered, deleted them, junked quite a few.
You went very quiet. My computer said 'Bleep! '
I went to your arms - had you gone off to sleep?
But I should have known better - you meant what you said -
the computer would never have given me head!

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Comments (5)

I like clods night just poem
funny write...no need to say interesting...you maintain style and rhyme superb...10
lol you have to find the off button a bit faster tonight Janice...good write about addiction...thank you...10+
haha! ! ! ! ! ! ! .........how true....me iam guilty of this one................well narrated
Aw bless.... sounds like the tinternet carried you away into ether land whilst the land of nod took care of your loved one! Cute tale. HG: -) xx