For daphne: lamented

Poem By Anja Utler

In the laurel, the metamorphosed Daphne, whose
very name signifies the laurel, grants herself to the
lover-turned poet.

Daphne, like other laurel species, is highly poisonous.
... In appearance, its leaves resemble those of the bay
laurel tree, hence the genus name Daphne.

to me myself: as though dethorned! by him as though: everything had been spinning
around am: sensed, stalked now - quite: the hounded
sweat - fast i: through branches, undergrowth bursting out to him
the: starting to grip at hooks and whipped me - faster -
the flanks eyes - no - (..) know: i must get through there must
fast as possible - through to the river, river -


ask him: take me briefly, father, i: dip me to you
in the rapids and you them: discharge me - pure - as the spray
yes: as air, air -
and i'll crinkle your face as i flee as a thank-you -


yes, already: spray you strike: my bonds - freshen -
will free me, leave - now, immediately -


not yet i can't - no -
what: are you taking to you -

yourself - directly - to you: have run on the sticky
ground, set fast: in one go, wrench, no,
rip still rear up once and flounder -
must: bend myself, yes wither: staring right into
the wood - what are you taking from me: me


see, as the last thing: that's gilding you now, yes, my
blinded picture will, must always, crinkled, gleam with you
and duller, yes lens-like: thus it blurs - your thank-you -
in view of the driver as well


how dry: my arm makes - made: the flanks - as often -
bubble up, out -
now: they gnaw, salivate - mounting - at me -
then making space: he tendrils towards me: and his hot flesh -

moist! from now on - you stand up upright in me, me:
so that i stand yes bloom and may bear: noteven letting
my leaves, fall from me: only drop fruit - involuntary: thus i bring the -
packs, feed: you your ground


only withering now, only dessicating: that i may thirst
hear: i imitate the rustling of birds even more dryly -

singe! please, dessicate his shadow: from this red forehead,
so that he: glows out - yes to me: this pulse from the tips,
so that i may: release myself - pure - as scent as de-crackling
air immerse myself sink - leafing deleaf myself -
in: the low twiggy shoots and they de-shoot me
cherrylike, yes spraylike de-stretch - sizzle up: eat from this, eat -

Translated by Catherine Hales

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