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For Ever My Love
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For Ever My Love

Poem By Angelo Ventresco

The shaft of Eros has pierced my heart,
sending waves of desire through my whole.
Amor's snare, holds me, I'm held rigid
there is no escape.
Your aura over whelms me. Closer,
closer you come, my body trembles-
You have entered my soul.
Your beauty, your fragrance, features fine.
Sparks of love reflect as your eyes meet mine.
I, feel your sweet breath carress my face.
Oh, God, you are the one
My freedom, my life I give for a kiss.
your body is close to mine. your lips do part-
a tear in your eye, I know you feel the same as I.
For an eternity I am yours...

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Full of passion, i'm stunned
One Word only 'Beautiful'Love Duncan
Wow... what a lovely, heartfelt poem. ox jbv
This is a beautiful poem! ! xo ghv