FP (2 April 1995 / Singapore)

For Evil

They say life is a test
The pain makes you humble

They make you or they break you
So you better not crumble

Fall down seven times, get up eight
Get up and move like it's a fumble

Dying to live and living to die
Don't get buried in the rubble

'Cause the pain never ceases
All this suffering is an endless cycle

And you just keep on pushing
Thinking there's an end to this struggle

Hoping one day you'll get to see
When things fall into place like a puzzle

And that hope is always there
A faith like light at the end of a tunnel

But what if you can't make it
When you finally burst like a bubble

When you realize you pray so hard
Just to have your misery and pain doubled

When you try to be good
Only to get into more trouble

It's like the more you try to be careful
The more that you will stumble

You'll realize there is no point
An illusion to a meaningless struggle

Then you'll understand hell isn't for the weak
'Cause it is to be enjoyed by the evil


by Fareez Phalez

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