WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

For Heaven Sake 1

For Heaven Sake
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Wednesday, January 5,2011@6: 05 PM

Sometimes I sit back and I ponder
For those who don't understand, it is that I wonder
Is it really worth it all?
For on the father I now call

Why can't I make you understand?
I am so tired of being your kickstand
At this rate, we shall disband
Our ship sails now unmanned

All I do is for you and you give me so much grief
From this type of stress, I need some relief
In me, you never ever had any belief
So go ahead and be the chief

The constant badgering seems to be a Motif
You treat me like your personal handkerchief
After every conversation you I must debrief
Floating now in the wind like a Greenleaf

I am tired of everything you must inspect
For me, you've lost all respect
From me what do you really expect?
I am always the criminal and the first suspect

Your woes and worries on me you project
I am neither a clown nor I a reject
I am just a man and I'm far from perfect
When I am gone take some time to reflect

The things you do will follow you
Insanity, profanity, you've got not a clue
Jealousy is the pot of stew that you brew
Respect of my consciousness is long overdue

Sometimes I sit and wonder about it all
So quick the mighty shall always fall
So big but yet so puny and small
Before you walk you must learn to crawl

Humble yourself for I have done you no wrong
Disagreements you like to prolong
So weak from once so strong
It seems like you and I won't ever get along

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