For Her

How can we celebrate, so far away
Arouse our love went from nothing to what it is now
Pretty dam beautiful you are
Pretend of love my heart will never do
You’ll never be alone while I’m alive

Valuable you are to me
Announcing my love to you since the very beginning
Losing you is the worst thing that can happen to me
Even in the worst days you spring a light in my heart
Night after night I think of you
Transformed my whole life you’ve done from the worst of all
It’s more powerful our love than anything in the universe
Never ending is what I call infinite love for you
Energy you give to my heart every word you say
’Till forever our love will be
Strengthen my heart and soul you’ve done

Dreadful my live is without you
Abstract my love is for you
Yesterday was our past love today is our present and tomorrow is forever
!) You’ll always be at my side

by Javier Solis Jr.

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