For Him

He came
The Church
And indeed the world
He met in crises
Yet he left these in cries
A vicar
Truly representing his master
One he forgives
The other
Pardon he craves
Without violence or sanctions
In ahisma's light
He toppled oppression’s rod
Though a spiritual mandate
His lot was
He blessed the temporal nonetheless
Heaven's dew he brings
Ever he remains Blessing's conduit
JP II a fine man he was
Love was his message
The world his audience
Fervently he enshrined truth
JP II Love's brave champion
Sheol in vain
Fights to hold thee back
But you minister still
Even in death

by Jay Kene

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Comments (3)

So nicely written...It is amazing how one man can make a difference in so many people's lives.......many he never met..sincerely, mary
Welcome, Kenny; I hope this will not be your only work here (laughs) .
Im not very religious and I still enjoyed reading this one.