SM (21-01-2003 / Odisha, India)

Man Vs Nature

The survival of man
Entirely depends on Nature
For, first came Nature
Then came man
Nature can give
So many things to man
But man cannot give
Anything to Her
Nature can protect him
But he cannot protect Nature
For he is greedy
To grasp more and more
From Her
For his selfish ends
Nature is mother
A child can never be greater
Than his mother
But the child
Who cannot respect his mother
Is the most ingratitude creature
Such a mother
Weeps silent tears
But never curse her child
She feels that it was
The fault of her upbringing
That her child is
Out of human feeling
Such is the sacrifice of Nature
That is our mother
But God knows
When we start thinking of Her

by V P Mahur

Comments (9)

Verily, death is uncertain which takes the soul to eternity Loved reading it......10
An excellent poem that spins on the orbit of a mysterious element! Love for death at times allures us and as Valsa Madam says I don`t think death is something to be desired for once we are septuagenarians or octogenarians alone..... The mission is one - living a vibrant life however short it is.. Let us however live for many more years for others and to write about life and death like this, ha, ha, ha... I give 10 marks for this unique write.
beautiful poem....but be in a positive state......................
No doubt death is a truth. Many fear about this. But at a particular time we should love this while comes automatically not as so early. Death is a reality but you should not think of it now. Your poem speaks about truth and awakes all knocking their doors. Excellent writing and fearlessness towards death.
Very poignant write with wonderful words.........keep marks
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