For I Am

Poem By Robert L. Bixler III

Such fair-weather friends have I, that even the mid-summer day’s
Storms that roll in with fury and disappear with haste
Would grace my presence in the length of their stay;
It would be longer than any that I have known.

For I am the one that everyone knows by name, and face
But cares little for, let alone desires to see or hear.
For I am the one that mirrors and diamonds, hard set and nonjudgmental,
Break, and shatter, to thousands of pieces as my reflection they make.

What games of solitaire and one-man poker do I dominate
For I am unbeatable, when I play such beloved games of my afforded company.
Even now, I start my cursedly-blessed loathing joy of expression
As I am alone, like has been, will be and shall always be.

For I am the one that no one talks with except for self-benefits sake.
Only the requests of actions, and knowledge, do they ask of me.
For I am the one that sits in the corner of the room, inside myself;
There I can escape my loneliness, in the emptiness and solitude inside.

No trespasser’s foot leaves a mark in my barren field, or dirt on my rug,
For there must first be a trespasser to do such actions.
I sit and watch as others are given affection and attention, things I’ll never taste
Except in the light of my debtors needs, so quickly filled and thusly left am I.

For I am the one that everyone trusts with secrets, or so they say,
But who else to trust then the socially forced recluse and kind of solitaire?
For I am the one that Nevyn can relate to and understand,
For his name alone describes who I am to the rest of this world.

(Written when I was 15,5 years ago. It's just one of a couple up here to see my progression over the years)

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