The Dynamics Of Mentoring The Mentor Among School Heads Enrolled In Cu Graduate School

By: Concepcion C. Camasin

This study was conducted to determine the dynamics of mentoring the mentors in school considering different stages of mentoring such as Personal Development Plan, Self-Management of Learning, Implementing and Supporting Personal Development Plan and Evaluation for Success. The respondents were 20 schools heads enrolled at Capitol University during summer 2014.
Qualitative research design was used in the study. Survey questionnaire that consisted into three parts served as the instrument which obtained a computed cronbach alpha of 0.894 for its reliability coefficient. The data gathered were analyzed by computing the means and standard deviations.
The findings showed that school heads enrolled in CU graduate school have uniform responses with regard to the optimum utilization of the 4 stages in mentoring the mentors. They have strongly agreed to every provision in each stage. They have satisfied very adequately on their mentoring programs in their respective school based on the different stages of effective mentoring.
Indeed, most school heads had a positive viewpoint towards helping their teachers to become competent and competitive in achieving the 21st century goals and objectives.


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