O This Pain Is Unbearable!

one who is ever close to heart
and opens out baring all in total faith
has suddenly closed it tight
and gone lipless with far-away looks-
o how killing it is for both souls!
heart seems to outburst in concern
every nerve straining to send
unbearable ' rush-back-to-me ' messages
all moments souls interchanged
o what a wreckage we have become!
o heavenly angel, descend on us at once
take us in each of your hand
hold us both in the bosom of your heart-
o the pain is unbearable!

-s.chandra kalaadhar

by sundaram chandrakalaadhar

Comments (4)

Ha! ! ! I loved this! ! ! A bit unexpected after reading the last few poems but desirable!
Ten, I would give more if Icould.I wish I could write like that.Inspired.
this is one of my favorites, but read the whole book! wonderful poetry from a so-called 'madman'. a definite 10!