For Jane Fonda At 80

When young you were as stunning as the dawn
Red clouds threatening an impending storm
Older you are as lovely as the dusk
Quiet in twilight now the storm has passed.

Though darling buds fierce rain erases
Rough winds will test but strengthen seasoned boughs
And ruined choirs make perfect resting places
As the sun's now waning power still shows.

No stranger to contempt, defeat and strife
You little thought your day would last this long
But the showers of summer brought new life:
This the miracle that comes of staying strong

Time's bounty and its scars alike revealed
That life itself comes finally to yield.

by Keith Shorrocks Johnson

Comments (4)

Captures the dawn of beautiful youth, and the sunset of the aged; she chose action in between youth and age to combat the injustice in the world. Lovely, lovely words Keith
I am a huge fan of Jane Fonda, having just seen 'They Shoot Horses Don't They' on DVD. Jane's acting in that movie is superb. She had stunning good looks and her exercise books were impressive too. The sonnet is the ideal form in which to write about her, and you cover all the main features. She did know 'contempt, defeat, and strife over Vietnam war protests, but she was fearless.
Keith, an elegant tribute to an icon. Thoroughly enjoyed every line! You might enjoy my Poem For Robin Williams.
Keith, such a lovely poem...10++++