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For Joe Jackson, The Jackson Family Patriarch 'I Didnt Beat Them, I Whipped Them.' -Joe Jackson
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For Joe Jackson, The Jackson Family Patriarch 'I Didnt Beat Them, I Whipped Them.' -Joe Jackson

Was it worth it Joe?
raising those pliable boys
like musical slaves,
driving them into the
brown Gary Indiana earth like R&B
mules pawing at the cold ground with
each well orchestrated lash,
training them to reel in the riches like
money is trout,
rolling green oceans of riches
up to their perfect fros cut from fine ebony,
drowning in the fame and
freedom that it brings you?
Was it worth it Joe?

Look at Michael, the one who's
name will live through history
in a odd type of glitter over the others, the single glove of mystery he wears.
Look what the bubble of fame did to him, its thin wet sides that choke.
Witness his face, white and pasty, bloodless looking,
strange pink lips, a garish smile like the Joker's smile,
and his taste for youths, his propensity
for desiring the little ones, napping with little ones, as if they are candy to be chosen in an obscene candy store.
Look at what fame did, how its glitz can wither, how its light can drain
the strongest ones, the most resistant ones.
Look at what being driven did, Joe. Look at what a musical mule, albeit a beautiful one grows up to be, look at how he behaves in the night when no one is watching, when no one is at the ranch but his young nubile candies, his 'loving boys'
and souless sycophants glad to be in the glow of fame like moths around
a porchlight in summer.
Look at what losing a childhood did, like losing a map for your life, look
fame's two faces...the wondrous and the twisted

Was it worth it Joe?

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Your point is well-stated here. Money is not worth it many times. I will go so far as to say I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was 14. (1984) I am very unsure as to his guilt or innocence. I think unless you were there or at least were on the jury to hear all the evidence it's not for us to judge. There are very odd (weird) things but there are also very good motives to falsely accuse. He did put himself out there to be accused either way so he is guilty of ignorance if nothing else. (This is my personal opinion ONLY) :) You did write how you felt and you made it clear. Nice job. Sincerely, Mary