For Josh Schultz

I look inside a cloud of smoke: :
I see who I could have been: :
Layin there crying: :
I think bout the choices I made: :
So I grab my razor: :
Pressin it hard against my skin: :
I watch as the blood runs: :
Visions of family and friends: :
They play over in my head many time: :
Grabbin my arm in pain: :
I sit there nd scream for help: :
Not only medical help: :
But help from the one above: :

-Josh Schultz keep ur head up nd just remember if u thkn there is nobody that will care for u nd love u then u can alwayz talk 2 me nd i'll be here for u cuz i knw all the pain that people can suffer from

by The Native Emo

Comments (2)

well from the name of the poem in guessing yeah it is
Is this referring to me? ? ? ? ?