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Life Isn'T Over Yet
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Life Isn'T Over Yet

Poem By Holly Somer

The support has not been,
For justice to defend it.
The support has been,
For the appearance and image of it.

And that appearance and image,
Threatened by a growing diversity.
Had been determined not to represent,
A diminishing of pretensions.
Along with the ones wishing to keep,
That image kept reflected to project...
A protecting of what is left,
Of ideals.
With a corrupted appealing zeal.
That could not themselves respect to leave,
Rules and laws to obey.
Without deception, greed and theft of reality.
Exposing a thoughtlessness taken for granted,
Of a dependency which had allowed...
A greatness to exist,
On the diversity of the people.

And not the feeding of greed,
Of individuals believing...
Their corrupted mentalities,
Would never be ended by rules and laws...
Ending their treasonous,
Disobedience and betrayal.

Their incompetent demeanors,
Losing tolerance of it!
Wanting this to rid,
From the foundation...
Of an effective and established constitution!

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