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For Latitude Of Gratitude

For Latitude of Gratitude
Written by: Wilfred Mellers
Octet er 12,2016, @ 9: 52 AM

Have you gotten antsy
Do I no longer tickle your fancy
Is it that you've found someone better
For you won't answer a single letter

Have I failed the interview
Or spaces occupy by someone new
For the fat you no longer chew
Or is it that one has now become two

Am I no longer up for review
Or am I what you're no longer into
I have been always tried and true
But of course, that you already knew

Is the distance too far
Or is it just the way you are
Is it because it's just too soon
Or is it my words you are immune

Was it something I said
Did I get too far inside your head
Why are you putting up a resistance
Or would you rather not a relationship of distance

Is there no longer a void in your leisure
Or my sentiments gives you no more pleasure
Is there something that I'm not a where
Do words repel off closed ears that don't care

I often ponder why
Why you no longer reply
Should I even still try
My arms still reach for the sky

I try to touch a silver cloud
Reaching yet I'm disavowed
Lighting stuck by that thundercloud
For in your grace, I'm disallowed

I suppose my words you don't want to hear
Maybe you were never really there
A phantom or a figment of my imagination
For a dream seemed to fit the situation

A mirage in fortress of my solitude
In magnitude you, I have pursued
My quest I now conclude
For latitude of gratitude, I was misconstrued

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Loved every word of this poem, nice flow, honest and sprinkled with perfected amount of sad irony and bits of wit, I feel the title will play with my soul for a while. Latitude of gratitude, very attractive words, masterful pen thank you!