For Lia, The One With Brown Eyes

Poem By Raphaela Souza

I was drunk when i fell in love with you,
clearly drunk.
Your eyes looked blue like a freaking dolphin
and i could swear your name was Lila.

I was drunk when I fell in love with you
and I still think I am.
I still fucking love you
even with the green eyes and the new name
that I don't remember
'cause I'm drunk and I'm bad with names.

I can't understand why people fall in love
when they're drunk - I mean,
alcohol is about relax you, make you chill
not cause more problems.

I can't understand why people write poems
when they're drunk - I mean,
most of them can't write a good one
even being sober.
We're not Bukowiski guys.
And thank God for that.

I don't feel like a poet right now - not a good one,
and I'm hungry.
Also I'm not drunk anymore,
so I don't feel in love with you anymore.
It's a pretty good feeling.

One more thing:
now I know your name isn't Lila,
I'm calling you Lisa.

Comments about For Lia, The One With Brown Eyes

A great start with a nice poem, Raphaela. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
A well articulated piece of poetry nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing Raphaela and welcome to Poemhunter.

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