IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

For Love And Dignity

Not wrong,
To have no dignity;
As long,
Have thee in affection and amity;

So long,
I wish for the affection from thee;
Too strong,
This amorous page ruled me;

Not shown,
When thou love someone;
Until the one thou is gone;

How pity,
Remorse always comes at once;
Feel guilty,
For the love that come undone;

Be proud,
For those who have thy lover beside;
Shout loud,
And told how much thou love thee inside;

This affection served thou affliction;
For ever and ever,
This affection is remembrance of reality not fiction;

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Comments (2)

nice count and nice rhyme. keep it up!
A good, strong, and emotional piece. Watch your double-negatives!